Green silicon carbide
1, high purity, large crystal of green silicon carbide raw material, to ensure the green silicon carbide powder of fine cut and stable cutting performance and physical state;
2, particle size distribution is concentrated, uniform, and the D3 value is strictly controlled, large particles do not exist;
3, particle size and other product-like shape to the main, to ensure the cutting edge of green silicon carbide powder as the material balance of self-sharpening, material being cut to ensure a minimum of TTV;
4, PH value is neutral;
5, good powder flow properties:
6, surface specially treated, powder with large surface area and good clean outer surface with polyethylene glycol coolant with good real sex.
Green, crystal structure, high hardness and strong cutting ability, stable chemical characteristics, good thermal conductivity. Microcosmic shape is a hexagonal crystal, Mohs hardness is 9.2., Vickers hardness is 3000—3300 kg/mm, microhardness is 3000—3300kg/mm3. Among abrasives, silicon carbide’ s hardness is higher than corundum, and ranked below diamond, CBN and boron carbide. Density generally viewed is 3.20g/ mm3 , density of heap is 1.2—1 .6g1 mm3 , specific gravity is 3.20 — 3.25. Raw materiasl are petroleum coke and quality silicon sand, appended with salt, then smelted in electric arc furnace. Mechanical strength is higher than corundum.
Main applications: solar and semiconductor wafer wire sawing; crystal and ferrite polishing; ceramic and special steel precision polishing; bonded and coated abrasive tools; cutting and polishing; non—ferrous metal lapping such as glass, stone, agate and high—grade jewelry; high—grade refractory materials , engineering ceramic, heating elements and thermal elements.

Green silicon carbide powder can be used:

 solar, semiconductor silicon, quartz chips, abrasive cutting; crystal, polished pure iron particles; ceramics, special steel precision polishing: bonded and coated abrasives, cutting, grinding and polishing free ; can grind glass, stone, agate and jade jewelry and other high—level non—metal materials, and can manufacture high—grade ref ractories, engineering ceramics, heating elements and thermal components.

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